For Processing & Developping Chocolate & Biscuits & Sweets

Since 1936

Policy & Food Safety Quality

Zenbarakji company for processing and developing of chocolate and sugary sweets starts its policy from stratification between speech and work and mastering this work well which requests:
• Creating a strong and integrated administrative regime corresponds with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and food safety management system ISO 22000:2005 and critical points monitoring system in the food industry which corresponds with the PAS 220:2008 requirements and the specification FSSC 22000.
• Contributing to sustainable development in accordance with the requirements of ISO 26000, and ISO 14001 & 18001 requirements.
• Work diligently to keep the efficiency and activity of the production lines.
• Qualifying the appropriate cadres and staff to do the production operation in the right way.
• Continuous follow up the development of this industry locally and internationally.
• Take strong healthy measures within the company include building, individuals, machinery, materials and products.
• We look forward from that achieve the following targets:
1. Rise up the reputation of the national industry in the Arabian and international markets.
2. Maintain the high position of the company locally and worldwide and raise this position with achieving the hard equation:
“suitable price with high quality”.
3. Achieve the customers satisfaction generally; and taking care of the gourmet’s desires and aspirations especially, and Obtaining a high-quality product free of pathogens that are transmitted to humans through food.
4. We will analyze, evaluate and improve our performance periodically to make our work dependent on: Analysis – Evaluation – Improvement and performance development.

5. We will create a fast and open information and communication network with all our customers all over the world.
6. We will cooperate with the government and responsible authorities in the State to create a perfect integrated system to reach the desired target.
7. Preventing or reducing problems with consumers with regard to product’s quality.

8. Maintaining environmental safety is a fixed approach at all our obligations.
9. We apply the principles of occupational safety to reach zero number for the number of injuries annually.
10. We will be ready for emergency situations by cooperating with the local authorities.

The company’s management Maintains the distinction By committing International quality standards Which it deserved , so as to guarantee the highest level of quality and food safety for customers .