For Processing & Developping Chocolate & Biscuits & Sweets

Since 1936

Welcome to Zenbarakji company for processing and developing of chocolate, biscuits and sweets

A name that added to the Syrian chocolate a prestigious position at both local and international levels.
Getting this wasn’t easy at all; but it needed extraordinary efforts for many years Exceeded 88 years which gave the company that prestigious position.
The company started it’s business with opening a small factory in Damascus in 1935 depending on pure manual materials.
In 1946 new machinery and production equipment were inserted depending on muscular effort, and the focusing was on selecting raw materials very carefully which gave the company’s products a good reputation among it’s customers.
In 1950 many new machinery and production equipment were inserted depending on electrical power which increased the production factor where the development continued until 1986.
In 1986 new developed machine was brought which contributed in making a specific skip in the company’s production leading to a wider spread of it’s products in the local and Arabian markets. This issue pushed the company to build a larger factory.

In 1994 a new factory was built on a wide area with an architectural design corresponds with the production needs which increase in quality and quantity, and it was supplied with new modern machines with a high production capacity.
We started work in our factory in 1997 and the management adopted a new policy for the company which included all it’s administrative, services and production facilities by applying the international standards and specifications like ISO 9002:1994 and 9001:2000 effectively, and it obtained stratification certificate in 2000 from English Liyod’s Register sponsored by the UKAS.
Our company seeks continuously to modernize and develop it’s products and regimes.
The company opened several halls for sale, the first of which was in 1980 in Abou Rommaneh area in Damascus. After that many shops were opened where financing and management were directly from the company.