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Welcome to Zenbarakji company for processing and developing of chocolate and sweets.

First of all, let me invite you to read the company history in addition to declare the quality policy to discover the company ancestry that took the responsibility from the first seconds of its incorporation to satisfy its customers of the dignitaries' gourmets.

Let me tell you that Zenbarakji Company is yours, because it meets with you at one point which is to insure the product quality because the company management took the development of its performance a constant method.
The development of production means and keeping them standby does not need courtesy; therefore the maintenance team always effectuates a periodic maintenance for each machine to preserve its potency that gives the products the higher class of quality.

So the selection of the raw materials from their distinct resources worldwide, adds to your company products a universal flavor, and makes it in a day a planet among the universal group of the quality planets.

Add to that the diligent control on the materials technically and laboratorial, and the continuous control during all the production stages, how excellent the periodical control on the ready product in the warehouses.

The customers' opinions are very important to us, and we rarely authorize a new product without relying on our customers opinions that are our strong proof to authorize this product or that.

The customers' complaints
They form for us a strong factor to develop and progress, be sure that the opinions and complaints of the customers that are direct or by calls or written, are studied carefully by our quality team in your company, and they are considered like wings to move up with the company performance to the better, they are documented in the electronic files in the company.

Our goal is very clear…

To satisfy the dignitaries gourmets, and make the real quality a realistic issue without any doubt.
One more time, we welcome you and invite you to an exciting tour through our website to stand on the latest arrival of the quality instruments in a world those progresses every second.

The general manager

Mhd. Saeed ibrahim zenbarakji


Zenbarakji Co.

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