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The company started its business with a small factory in Damascus in 1930, it depended on manual materials.

In 1946 new machinery was inserted depending on muscular effort, we have to say that the raw materials were selected very carefully which gave to the company its good reputation before its customers.

In 1950 new machinery was inserted depending on electrical power which increased the production factor until 1986 at which new developed machine were brought and contributed in making a specific skip in the production and led to spread the name of the company in the local and Arabian market. This issue pushed the company to found a larger factory.

In 1994 a new factory was built in large area, with an architectural design corresponds with the production needs that increase in quality and quantity, it was supplied with modern machines with a high production activity, the factory started in 1997 with authorizing a new policy covered all administrative and production and services wings, the company applied the international standards like
ISO 9002:1994 and ISO 9001:2000 and obtained stratification certificate in 2000 from English Lloyd's Register sponsored by UKAS.

The company seeks always modernization and development on products and regimes.

The development continue day by day to join the time soul and the local and Arabian and international market needs, who knows Zenbarakji company very well will be quite sure that the forefathers experience has been held by sons with fidelity and sincerity.


Zenbarakji Co.

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