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Chocolate... An historical scrap:

Cocoa and chocolate have a common history
Cocoa word is derivative from two words in Indian Maya language, it means ''the bitter juice'', and so chocolate word means in Maya language 'the sour juice''

Chocolate started with cocoa seed which has been for many centuries mashed and eaten, the chocolate history has elongated since 2000AD up to date.

The history tells us the beginning of this wonderful sweet, it was said that on 1519, the Spanish discoverer ''Fernando Cortez'' tasted cocoa which was the favorite drink to ''Montezuma 2nd'' the last Aztec emperor.

Cortez noticed that Aztecs used to treat the cocoa seeds like valued jewels, they used to prepare the coca seeds as a hot drink to their leaders and call it chocolate 'the warm drink'', its taste was bitter, Cortez added sugar to it,

They went back to Spain with this drink, Colombus was the first who brought cocoa to Spain after his fourth trip to the new world, Colombus discovered America on 1542,he brought many plants and harvests, he also brought dark black seeds from Mexico.

However, due to the loads in his ship, the cocoa pod was neglected at that time, and nothing was known about the way of using those seeds until 1599,the method of making the drink was hidden to and kept reserved for the nobles to enjoy this drink alone, the Spanish people have kept the secret for over 100years ,but at last the secret has been revealed and the drink became famous in other countries, some Spanish monks revealed the secret of those seeds, it never passed a long time, this drink became popular all over the world.

In the middle of the sixteenth century, the chocolate drink got a wide fame in France, one of the French traders opened the first shop to sell hot chocolate drink in London, in the seventeenth century, the chocolate shops in England compete with coffee shops, in 1765 the first chocolate factory was opened in Massachusetts colony.

In 1847 an English company invented the idea of producing the solid chocolate as we know it these days.

The Dutch chemist' 'konard van hooten' 'invented a cocoa squeezer which enabled the sweets manufacturers to make the chocolate sweets by mixing cocoa butter with sugar powder. in 1876 the milk was added to the chocolate in Vevy city in Switzerland, one of the manufacturers developed the milk chocolate industry by adding the condensed milk to the liquid chocolate, this liquid is collected as a secondary product unfermented from the inside part of the cocoa seed.

The Swiss added a soft shape to chocolate by an industrial operation called ''conchange'' which means the shell shape of the old fermentation pots which look like shell; they used to mix the chocolate parts until it becomes soft.
This is how the chocolate industry developed on the Swiss hands and became famous all over the world.


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