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The chocolate world:

Chocolate, there is a special secret in this material, a secret that makes it different than the other types of sweets, have you ever asked yourself about it? Have you ever asked yourself about its origin? in this short essay we will enter the chocolate world to give you a simple idea about it to recognize it while you are having its delicious taste.

The chocolate moved and deployed all over the world with many categories, without stuff, stuffed with nuts, haslenut, almond, etc……

Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, and Ivory Coast are among the first countries that produce cocoa, the African production has been more successful than the Brazilian product with long terms, since 1920 Ghana has been the most important country that produces cocoa with an average of 400,000 tons per year.

• The cocoa seeds
• The chocolate starts from the cocoa tree that grows in the equatorial areas like Africa, brazil, Indonesia, the trees give pods that have the same size of the pineapple pods, those pods have in their inside the cocoa seeds.
• The raw chocolate

The coca seeds used to be stored in closed areas for about one week and dried under the sun, and after that to be shipped to the chocolate manufacturers who start toasting them and give the seeds their flavor that differs according to their types and regions that they came from.
The manufacturers save the seeds after mixing them to use the different mixtures later to produce the different types of chocolate.

After mixing and toasting the manufacturer brakes the pods to get the seeds which will be mashed later to get the liquid and sticky chocolate, all seeds contain a grease percentage and so the cocoa seeds but with a little grease, the operation looks like the mashing of Soybean, but the difference between them is that the soybean oil is always liquid while the cocoa oil is solid up to 32c degree and pure and not tasty because of its bitter taste, but after sweetening it becomes suitable.

In fact the liquid is treated by two ways
The first is by pouring it in a mould to get cold and solid, this case is called not sweetened, the second is by pressing the liquid with a hydraulic compressor to get the grease, and after that it remains a dried cake with a cocoa butter; the cake can be mashed to get the cocoa powder;
The chocolate manufacturing.

There are three steps to manufacture the chocolate bars:
1. The components addition: the chocolate that we eat contains sugar and flavors (vanilla) and milk like milk chocolate, the manufacturer adds the flavors according to a particular recipe that makes it different than others.
2. The softening: there is a special machine to soften the chocolate to mix the components,
it takes 6days.
3. Induration: it means warming the chocolate slowly and cooling it slowly to allow the chocolate molecule to get solid in a organized way, without this operation the molecules do not get solid well, and the chocolate grease might separate from the chocolate like the milk cream when it separates from the milk, by controlling these steps the manufacturer controls the chocolate type, flavor, the components, this way of control gives to the profession its secret and the different tastes to the chocolate.

The chocolate is considered as one of the nutritious materials, its nutritious value is high,
it contains 55% of hydrate carbonic items, and 30% of grease materials, and 6% of proteins, which are the three essential materials that make the necessary nutrition for the human body, as well as it contains the phosphor, calcium, magnesium, iron and A-B-C vitamins.

The chocolate is very rich with calories, every 100grams gives 500 calorie units which give a quick energy resource, that's why it is considered typical for workers, athletics, and the scientists, it gives them energy and activity.

The scientists have always tried to discover the chocolate temptation secrets that make it more favorite than other sweets as well as the inability of resisting it, they did many researches on it to fix the components that play the role behind the ability to improve the mood and increase the power of body and thought.


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